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Being a tenant is an exciting lifestyle that offers you flexibility when you need it the most especially in a multi-national city like Dubai. As an experienced real estate agency that specializes in long-term rentals, we can offer you a full range of services that help you at every stage of your tenancy. From searching to the dealing; our dedicated team is responsible for all the steps of the deal process, which includes; market analysis, financial comparison, letter of intent negotiations, viewing permission, lease negotiation, preparing the needed documents and authenticate them which ensures the best possible real estate service and lease terms.

Luxiero’s local market knowledge with corporate entities provides you with the following benefits:

  • We have a great advantage in researching, locating and securing potential sites and in seizing opportunities to increase value for our clients.
  • We’re connected to a huge online database contains the most of units offered for sale inside and outside of UAE, which give you a comprehensive look at the national market and a specific look on your selected region to enjoy the greatest possible deal.
  • We help clients to make wise decisions because we believe that inquiring about the price is just the starting point.
  • We perform the negotiation part with the landlord in addition to the possible number of cheques to give you facilities for payment.
  • Luxiero is experienced with tenant representation in the following areas: residential, commercial, hospitality, and land.


The Tenant Guide On How To Find The Best Property That Fit Your Needs With Luxiero

  1. Set the specifications of your desired property

Before starting your search you should have your time to think about the specifications that fit your needs;

  • type of property: apartments, offices, or villas
  • location
  • Area
  • Furnished or unfurnished unit
  • price range
  • Number of cheques
  1. Explore the market

Use our website’s search to find local properties offered for sale, our search engine compares and selects the best offered, high-value and suitable priced properties to guarantee the best deal. Chose the unit you like from our list in website, then submit an online request to view the unit, then one of our agents will contact you to arrange an appointment for viewing, If you need further help with exploring the market and getting a background of how the renting process is performed, Luxiero’s team is always ready to receive your call.

  1. Viewing the unit

As a tenant, you should expect to attend few viewings before deciding the best fit. Obviously, there is not so much you can discover from property descriptions and online images. So, keep in your mind the following important points when viewing the unit:

  • Is it painted or need a coat of paint or any other maintenance?
  • The noise level in the surrounding area
  • Ask about the parking, and if there is extra parking
  • Ability to reach the transport links and access to gyms, supermarkets, restaurants, malls, hospitals and schools.
  1. Prepare the required documents
  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of Emirati visa if applicable, or a letter form the employer states that the visa is being processed.
  • The lease brokerage agreement
  • Sign the property viewing form


  1. When you find the required unit
  • Make an offer

You’re supposed to make an offer to be presented to the property owner, it should contain the renting price/year, the number of cheques to be paid and the renting duration. Note that, it is a common practice that the landlords tend to negotiate the price if the number of cheques is one or two.

  • Tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is a contract between you and the landlord. It specifies certain rights to both you and the landlord. And you will be required to submit;

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your visa/Emirati ID
  • 5% security deposit –hold by us- as a guarantee of the property in the manner required by law.
  • Sign the contract

Once both parties signed the lease, you’ll be asked to hand over the number of agreed cheques to receive the keys and access cards. And both parties receive a copy of the lease contract.

  • Pay the broker commission
    5% commission cheuqe with the name of LUXIERO REAL ESTATE BROKERS (or the amount been agreed on in the agreement)


  1. Ejari registration
    Ejari is an online registration system made by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) that aims to regulate the relationship between the landlords and the tenants. You’ll be asked to submit the following documents;
  • Original unified tenancy contract
  • Original receipt of DEWA connection in the tenant’s name
  • Copy of title deed/ affection plan
  • Copy of the tenant’s passport (all signed pages)
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • In the case of commercial renting: a copy of trade license/DED’s initial approval
  • AED 215 Admin Charge


  1. Apply for DEWA

You will need to apply for DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) in order to set up the services. Activation supposed to start within 24hours of completing the following registration and payment. Prepare then submit the following documents along with the mentioned payments:

– The DEWA number (found on the side of the property’s entrance)

– Copy of the tenant’s passport

– Copy of the property title deed or affection plan,

– AED 2,000 + AED 20 (for apartments) or AED 4,000 + AED 20 (for villas) will be required as a refundable deposit, and AED 120 + AED 20 for connection charges



Find your match
Explore the market Using our website's search. We find, compare and select the best deals
Submit an online request to view the unit, then one of our agents will contact you
Viewing the unit
Make the offer
The offer should contain the renting price/year, the number of cheques to be paid and the renting duration.
Sign the agreement
You'll need to submit:
- passport copy
- Visa/ID copy
- Submit all cheques
- 5% security deposit
- 5% the broker commission
You'll need to register online with Ejari and contact DEWA to set up the water and Electricity services. Expect to pay their fees
Ejari and DEWA registration
Receive! Congratulations!
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While we hope that this guide is useful, please be aware that it is not intended to be the only guidance for prospective buyers to follow when making a purchase. In addition, we do clear our responsibility for the accuracy or the quality of any information available at other websites listed in this guide or anywhere else on the website. We strongly recommend that prospective buyers of a property in the UAE, seek legal and financial advice at all stages of the purchasing process.