Invest in Dubai


Dubai is one of the most exciting and lucrative cities to invest in around the world, with its stable economy for the last 25 years your investment will grow safely. No secret that it is all about timing when considering any kind of investment, People who invested in startups such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook and Instagram etc. Studied, believed and forecasted that their investment reaching to skies in the coming few years and they put their money only because they saw potential value in those opportunities and decided to got-in at a very early time when the share price was much lower. Same is the case with real estate generally and Dubai’s real estate market especially. Here you’re some of the many features of Dubai Emirate:


–  Dubai is considered the modern utopia that everyone dream to live in, it is the first city that uses cryptocurrency (bitcoin) launched by its government. Dubai is ranked as the most developing cities and more is coming, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid is planning to name the United Arab Emirates among the best countries in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union 2021.


–  There are many features that make Dubai a smart city; Electric car charging stations, smart parking, live traffic monitoring and more than 200 free Wi-Fi spots. There is even a government named SMART DUBAI GOV which is responsible for providing facilities to make Dubai a technological city to simulate the modern model.


– Dubai is a tax-free city, with no income, capital gain or real estate annual taxes. This makes it extremely attractive for people from all around the world to come and work in Dubai, as well as invest in properties.


–  Dubai is an international business community that has workers from all over the world, which opens opportunities resulting in excessive demand for rentals.


– Dubai is an accessible city, with direct and constant flights from most of the cities around the world. The number of Dubai visitors is expected to exceed 89 million by the end of 2017.


– Dubai’s tourism industry is booming, it remains one of the favorite tourist destinations with its fabulous shopping malls, luxuries five-star hotels, beautiful beaches and various attractions.


– Dubai’s economy is boosting and promoting since 1990, with an economic growth of 3.1% is predicted in 2017 will result in blooming of constructing new hotels and real estate projects as a direct result of Dubai’s growing tourism, trade, business industries.


– The upcoming EXPO 2020 will open great opportunities especially for the economy, tourism and hotel markets. The great event is the first from it type in the Middle East, the prestigious World Expo is expected to attract around 25 million visitors and produce more than 300,000 jobs in the year 2021.


Why invest in real estate property in Dubai

  • Properties are cheap on an International level

There are not many modern cities in the world where properties are low priced. But in Dubai you’ll find the opportunities, facilities, and open market that you cannot find anywhere else. You’ll be surprised to know that Dubai overtakes London as the most preferred property investment location for 2017 with 60,595 real estate transactions that exceeded AED259 billion in value (Khaleej Times).

  • Property investment keeps the value of cash against inflation.
    Although the inflation rate in UAE which is 2.1% for the last 27 years, is not high compared to other countries (Dubai Statistics Center), Your capital will be in safe place, safer than the bank or any other investment because real estate is always has a residual value, despite prices fall or rise of the prices the property will keep its value because the real estate market is compatible with any economical leaps. Also, the property values will never fall to zero unlike shares and hedge funds.
  • Rental income is a stable source of income

Rental income from property is a stable, easy and high source of income compared to the interest of bank accounts or dividends of shares. Luxiero will help you to find the suitable tenant with our comprehensive renting services. We will handle all the aspects of leasing process on your behalf, including; any prospect maintenance, advertising, sign Leases, collect the rent, Keep track of finances, Issue legal notices and documentation. Check Rent out your property page to learn more about our renting services


Capital appreciation

It is a historical fact that people who bought off-plan properties in specific projects at the time of its launch in 2006 paid an average of AED 763/square feet. You’ll be surprised to know that the average selling price in the same project today (after 10 years) is AED 1,609 /square feet. That means an overall capital appreciation by 111%. It’s not an individual case; there are many projects around Dubai that have witnessed such capital growth.

  • High rental return

Rental returns in Dubai are very high compared to other major real estate capitals in the world, There are special areas at Dubai generates up to 7% rental yield on average. While the average rental yield in New York is 3.91%, London 3.21%, and in Hong Kong you will get 2.82% rental income if you’re lucky. In fact, your rental return in regular areas in Dubai will be not less than 5.5% which is a very high rental return.

  • Get UAE Property Visa

If you intend to buy a property that has a value greater than 1 million dirhams (equals around $272,000) you’ll get a 6 months visa to investigate and check the real situation of the property you intend to buy. All you need is a valid passport copy and two simple conditions; there should be no mortgage on your property and it must be completely habitable in. plus, the buyer must contract as an individual or a joint buyer.


  • Choose the off-plan property plan

No doubt that off-plan property choice is the easiest and most affordable method you could consider when you buy a property in Dubai. The good news is Luxiero don’t charge you any commission if you choose to buy an off-plan property. In addition, we offer our services to rent and manage your property while you rest at your home or enjoying your vacation anywhere in the world.

Check the required documents at BUYING a PROPERTY page, off-plan section.


  • Escrow account

Your money will be safe because choosing to buy an off-plan property is less risky, where you will deposit your money in an escrow account managed by the Dubai land department (DLD) which as a governmental entity. You’ll be totally informed by every stage of the project through Dubai land department website reports.  So, in the case of project cancellation or developer infringement, your money is safe and the project will be continued after all however the DLD might decide to return investors’ money.